The name ‘Dragon Tails’ was created by the convenors of the first conference in 2009, Keir Reeves and Tseen Khoo, to refer to the various methodological approaches which can be taken to understanding the Chinese Australasian experience. The name also suggests the variety of historical traces which can show how lives were lived in the past, as well as contemporary manifestations of Chinese Australasian community/families.

Dragon Tails Association Inc was established in 2014-2016 to auspice the biennial conference series which originally commenced in 2009. Dragon Tails Association Inc was established by founding committee members Kate Bagnall, Sophie Couchman, Grace Gassin, Mei-fen Kuo, Jen Tsen Kwok, Paul Macgregor and Michael Williams. 

The current Management Committee members are: 
President  Grace Gassin
Vice-President  Karen Schamberger
Secretary/Treasurer  Paul Macgregor
Alanna Kamp
Nadia Rhook
Sandi Robb


The purposes of the Dragon Tails Association are to:

• Promote research into the histories and heritage of Chinese people, their descendants and their associates, in Australasia (Australia and New Zealand)

• Encourage awareness of the connections of Chinese in Australasia with the histories of Chinese people, their descendants and their associates in other countries.

• Encourage an approach to history which combines the skills and interests of academic, community, local, family, professional, independent and amateur historians, archaeologists and heritage workers, as well as other professionals, academics and writers with an express interest in this field of research.

• Encourage high standards of historical research, process, presentation and publication.

• To fulfil the aims above by:
   •  Coordinating the running of conferences, primarily in Australasia
   •  Facilitating and encouraging publications in print and online